Hi, I'm noah

Thanks for coming to my website! it's pretty sweet in here. I'm glad you're here cuz that means you must like my music, and that makes me happy. Let me know what you like and what else you wanna see from me so I can make it for ya. Hit me up wherever: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, doesn't matter. 


Hot New Hip Hop

Light but lush, minimal and perfectly polished r'n'b

Lyrical Lemonade

Noah’s soothing voice and groovy vocal style allows him to do a lot when it comes to filling out the structure of a song. If you’re looking for a song that you can blast while you’re cruising down the road on a summer day, 'isthislove' is it. Noah has mastered the art of telling stories through his captivating lyrics and that’s something you will realize as you listen in.


[goodboy noah's] lush production offers up the perfect foundation to Noah's wistful vocals and honest songwriting about a relationship that's far more than a little complicated.



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